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Strong walls protect your Town from unwelcome visitors. Upgrading the Wall increases your defense bonus when your Town is being attacked.

LevelLumberStoneFoodIronTimeGoldRequirementsPlatinumHero's ExperiencePowerDefense Bonus
140050025015000h 01m 45s20Palace 1 2.5K151%
272090045027000h 03m 30s35 2.5K302%
31.3K1.65K81049000h 07m 00s60 2.5K453%
42.35K2.95K1.5K87500h 15m 00s110 2.5K704%
54.2K5.25K2.65K1.6K00h 30m 00s180 2.5K1005%
68.4K10.5K5.25K3.15K01h 00m 00s270 2.5K1606%
717K21K10.5K6.3K02h 00m 00s400 2.5K2557%
834K42K21K13K04h 00m 00s590 2.5K3858%
967.5K84K42K25.5K07h 30m 00s875 2.5K5809%
10105K130K63K38K15h 00m 00s1 450 2.5K87510%
11155K190K94.5K57K18h 00m 00s1 650 2.5K1.3K11%
12230K285K145K85.5K1d 00h 00m 00s2 050 2.5K1.95K12%
13345K430K215K130K1d 03h 00m 00s2 200 2.5K2.95K13%
14515K640K320K195K1d 09h 00m 00s2 550 5K4.4K14%
15770K960K480K290K1d 15h 00m 00s2 850 5K6.65K15%
161.15M1.45M720K435K1d 21h 00m 00s3 200 5K9.95K16%
171.75M2.2M1.1M650K2d 15h 00m 00s4 250 5K14.5K17%
182.6M3.25M1.65M970K4d 06h 00m 00s6 550 5K22K18%
193.9M4.85M2.45M1.5M1w 1d 00h 00m 00s12 000 5K33.5K19%
205.85M7.3M3.65M2.2M2w 00h 00m 00s20 000 5K50.5K20%
218.75M11M5.45M3.3M7w 5d 00h 00m 00s74 500 5K75.5K25%
2213.5M16.5M8.2M4.95M11w 4d 00h 00m 00s115 000 7.5K110K28%
2320M25M12.5M7.4M18w 4d 00h 00m 00s180 000 7.5K170K31%
2429.5M37M18.5M11.5M31w 4d 00h 00m 00s305 000 7.5K255K34%
2544.5M55.5M28M17M56w 5d 00h 00m 00smore 1 year545 000 7.5K380K37%
2666.5M83M41.5M25M169w 6d 00h 00m 00smore 3 years1 650 000 12.5K575K40%
2799.5M125M62.5M37.5M220w 5d 00h 00m 00smore 4 years2 150 00021 00014.17K860K43%
28150M190M93.5M56M287w 00h 00m 00smore 5 years2 750 00044 10016.67K1.25M46%
29225M280M140M84M373w 00h 00m 00smore 7 years3 600 00069 30019.17K1.9M49%
30340M420M210M130M484w 6d 00h 00m 00smore 9 years4 650 00096 60021.67K2.9M52%
31505M630M315M190M630w 3d 00h 00m 00smore 12 years6 050 000126 00024.17K4.35M55%
321.15B1.4B695M415M756w 3d 00h 00m 00smore 14 years8 800 000 3.33M17M60%
332.45B3.05B1.55B915M983w 2d 00h 00m 00smore 18 years11 500 000 3.65M69.5M65%
345.4B6.7B3.35B2.05B1 278w 2d 00h 00m 00smore 24 years15 000 000 3.96M275M70%
3512B15B7.4B4.45B1 661w 6d 00h 00m 00smore 31 years19 500 000 4.27M1.1B75%
3629.5B37B18.5B11.5B3 323w 4d 00h 00m 00smore 63 years28 500 000 6.77M1.65B80%
3774B92B46B28B8 308w 6d 00h 00m 00smore 159 years45 500 000 9.27M2.5B85%
38225B280B140B83B24 926w 2d 00h 00m 00smore 477 years68 500 000 11.77M3.75B90%
39665B830B415B250B77 271w 4d 00h 00m 00smore 1480 years110 000 000 14.27M5.65B95%
402T2.5T1.25T750B251 132w 2d 00h 00m 00smore 4813 years170 000 000 16.77M8.45B100%
 3.02T3.77T1.88T1.13T371 939w 5d 21h 27m 15smore 7128 years499 430 790 357 00074.27M23.47B 


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