Theon the Sungazer

Led by Theon, the Sun Chamber has achieved the power it has today. This Cardinal is ready to share his wisdom and counsel a ruler in exchange for financial support for his organization.

СтихияThe Sun Chamber

LevelTrophy of ArmsRequirementsБлагословениеRestore game progressHero's ExperiencePower
110 000Conclave of Cardinals 171ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с47.5K960K
2140 000Conclave of Cardinals 191ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с995K20M
3275 000Conclave of Cardinals 211ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с1.95M39.5M
4430 000Conclave of Cardinals 231ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с3.05M61.5M
5630 000Conclave of Cardinals 251ч 0м 0с1д 7ч 56м 40с4.5M91.5M
6955 000Conclave of Cardinals 261ч 0м 0с1д 7ч 56м 40с6.85M140M
71 500 000Conclave of Cardinals 281ч 0м 0с1д 6ч 33м 20с11M220M
82 450 000Conclave of Cardinals 301ч 0м 0с1д 5ч 10м 0с18M360M
94 050 000Conclave of Cardinals 321ч 0м 0с1д 2ч 48м 20с29M590M
106 600 000Conclave of Cardinals 341ч 0м 0с1д 0ч 1м 40с47.5M960M
 17 040 000   122.89M2.48B

Временные бонусы от благословения Аса

Army Offense1%3%5.5%8.5%12%17.5%25.5%37%53%75%
Increased Raid Troop Headcount1%1.5%2.5%3.5%4.5%6.5%9%12.5%18%25%
March Headcount1%1.5%2%2.5%3%4%5.5%8%11%15%

Постоянные бонусы от покровительства Аса

Enhanced Health1%3.5%6%9%13%18.5%27%39%56.5%80%

Бонусы в войне Асов

Урон войск против Асов Стихии льда1%1.2%1.6%1.8%2.2%3%3.8%5.2%7%9.6%


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