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Conclave of Cardinals

Here you can summon Cardinals – representatives of the powerful Chambers. Win their favor, and they will share military secrets, the latest scientific achievements, and hidden sources of wealth. Upgrade this building to gain access to new Cardinals and their upgrade levels.

LevelLumberStoneFoodIronTimeGoldRequirementsPlatinumHero's ExperiencePower
120025012515000h 01m 30s15Palace 18 515
234042521525500h 03m 00s30Palace 18 1530
358072536543500h 06m 00s55Palace 19 2545
49851.25K61574000h 15m 00s110Palace 19 10070
51.7K2.1K1.05K1.3K00h 25m 00s155Palace 20 200100
63.35K4.2K2.1K2.55K00h 50m 00s240Palace 20 250160
76.7K8.4K4.2K5.05K02h 00m 00s400Palace 20 250255
813.5K17K8.4K10.5K03h 30m 00s540Palace 21 250385
927K33.5K17K20.5K06h 30m 00s790Palace 21 250580
1040.5K50.5K25.5K30.5K13h 00m 00s1 300Palace 22 250875
1160.5K75.5K38K45.5K18h 00m 00s1 650Palace 22 2501.3K
1290.5K115K56.5K68K21h 00m 00s1 800Palace 23 2501.95K
13140K170K85K105K1d 00h 00m 00s2 000Palace 23 2502.95K
14205K255K130K155K1d 03h 00m 00s2 150Palace 23 5004.4K
15305K385K195K230K1d 09h 00m 00s2 450Palace 24 1K6.65K
16460K575K290K345K1d 15h 00m 00s2 800Palace 24 1.25K9.95K
17690K860K430K515K2d 06h 00m 00s3 650Palace 25 1.25K14.5K
181.05M1.3M645K775K3d 15h 00m 00s5 600Palace 25 2.5K22K
191.55M1.95M970K1.2M1w 00h 00m 00s10 500Palace 25 2.5K33.5K
202.35M2.9M1.45M1.75M1w 5d 00h 00m 00s17 500Palace 26 5K50.5K
213.5M4.35M2.2M2.65M6w 5d 00h 00m 00s64 500Palace 26 5K75.5K
225.25M6.55M3.3M3.95M10w 00h 00m 00s96 000Palace 27 5K110K
237.85M9.8M4.9M5.9M15w 6d 00h 00m 00s155 000Palace 27 7.5K170K
2412M15M7.35M8.8M27w 00h 00m 00s260 000Palace 28 7.5K255K
2518M22M11M13.5M48w 4d 00h 00m 00s470 000Palace 28 10K380K
2626.5M33M16.5M20M145w 4d 00h 00m 00smore 2 years1 400 000Palace 28 25K575K
2740M49.5M25M30M189w 2d 00h 00m 00smore 3 years1 850 000Palace 299 00031.67K860K
2859.5M74.5M37.5M45M246w 00h 00m 00smore 4 years2 400 000Palace 299 90040.42K1.25M
2989M115M56M67M319w 5d 00h 00m 00smore 6 years3 100 000Palace 3010 80049.17K1.9M
30135M170M83.5M105M415w 5d 00h 00m 00smore 7 years4 000 000Palace 3011 70057.92K2.9M
31205M255M130M155M540w 2d 00h 00m 00smore 10 years5 200 000Palace 3112 60066.67K4.35M
32505M630M315M380M648w 3d 00h 00m 00smore 12 years7 550 000Palace 32 9.54M17M
331.3B1.6B785M940M842w 6d 00h 00m 00smore 16 years9 800 000Palace 33 10.67M69.5M
343.15B3.95B2B2.35B1 095w 5d 00h 00m 00smore 20 years13 000 000Palace 34 11.8M275M
357.85B9.8B4.9B5.9B1 424w 3d 00h 00m 00smore 27 years17 000 000Palace 35 12.93M1.1B
 13.41B16.74B8.38B10.03B5 980w 5d 17h 40m 30smore 114 years66 399 235 54 00045.26M1.47B


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