Abel the Invisible

The Lords of Amaria publicly deny the existence of the master of assassins and his Nameless Order. Kings, dukes, and barons secretly wish to obtain Abel's support, as this is better than being his enemy.

СтихияThe Twilight Chamber

LevelGoldRequirementsБлагословениеRestore game progressHero's ExperiencePower
1120KConclave of Cardinals 151ч 0м 0с2д 2ч 0м 0с150K720K
2685KConclave of Cardinals 171ч 0м 0с2д 2ч 0м 0с860K15M
31.25MConclave of Cardinals 191ч 0м 0с2д 2ч 0м 0с1.6M30M
41.9MConclave of Cardinals 211ч 0м 0с2д 0ч 36м 40с2.4M46.5M
52.8MConclave of Cardinals 231ч 0м 0с2д 0ч 36м 40с3.5M68.5M
64.15MConclave of Cardinals 241ч 0м 0с1д 23ч 13м 20с5.25M105M
76.55MConclave of Cardinals 261ч 0м 0с1д 21ч 50м 0с8.25M165M
810.5MConclave of Cardinals 281ч 0м 0с1д 19ч 3м 20с13.5M270M
917.5MConclave of Cardinals 301ч 0м 0с1д 16ч 16м 40с22M445M
1028.5MConclave of Cardinals 321ч 0м 0с1д 12ч 6м 40с35.5M720M
 73.96M   93.01M1.87B

Временные бонусы от благословения Аса

Marching Speed1%4%7%11%16%23%33.5%49%70.5%100%
Spearman Defense1%3%5.5%8.5%12%17.5%25.5%37%53%75%
Ranged Defense1%3%5.5%8.5%12%17.5%25.5%37%53%75%

Постоянные бонусы от покровительства Аса

Spearman Health1%3%4.5%7%10%14%20.5%29.5%42.5%60%

Бонусы в войне Асов

Урон войск против Асов Стихии пламени1%1.2%1.4%1.6%2%2.4%3%4%5.2%7%


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