Hervey the Gray

Hervey is one of the best-informed Cardinals. Scouts, information traders, and court gossipmongers are under his command. The Twilight Chamber willingly admitted such a capable person to its ranks.

СтихияThe Twilight Chamber

LevelFoodLumberIronStoneSilverTimeRequirementsБлагословениеRestore game progressHero's ExperiencePower
124M24M24M24M64.5M39д 22ч 20м 0сConclave of Cardinals 121ч 0м 0с2д 18ч 40м 0с16K240K
2515M515M515M515M1.6B41д 16ч 0м 0сConclave of Cardinals 141ч 0м 0с2д 18ч 40м 0с255K5.05M
31B1B1B1B3.2B43д 23ч 33м 20сConclave of Cardinals 161ч 0м 0с2д 18ч 40м 0с495K9.95M
41.6B1.6B1.6B1.6B5B45д 17ч 13м 20сConclave of Cardinals 181ч 0м 0с2д 17ч 16м 40с765K15.5M
52.35B2.35B2.35B2.35B7.4B49д 4ч 33м 20сConclave of Cardinals 201ч 0м 0с2д 15ч 53м 20с1.15M23M
63.55B3.55B3.55B3.55B11B53д 5ч 46м 40сConclave of Cardinals 211ч 0м 0с2д 14ч 30м 0с1.7M34.5M
75.6B5.6B5.6B5.6B18B59д 14ч 33м 20сConclave of Cardinals 231ч 0м 0с2д 13ч 6м 40с2.7M55M
89.2B9.2B9.2B9.2B29B68д 20ч 46м 40сConclave of Cardinals 251ч 0м 0с2д 10ч 20м 0с4.45M90M
915B15B15B15B48B82д 4ч 13м 20сConclave of Cardinals 271ч 0м 0с2д 6ч 10м 0с7.3M150M
1024.5B24.5B24.5B24.5B77.5B100д 2ч 46м 40сConclave of Cardinals 291ч 0м 0с2д 0ч 36м 40с12M240M
 63.34B63.34B63.34B63.34B200.76B    30.83M623.24M

Временные бонусы от благословения Аса

Marching Speed1%4%7%11%16%23%33.5%49%70.5%100%
Knight Offense1%3%5.5%8.5%12%17.5%25.5%37%53%75%
Siege Defense1%3%5.5%8.5%12%17.5%25.5%37%53%75%

Постоянные бонусы от покровительства Аса

Knight Health1%3%4.5%7%10%14%20.5%29.5%42.5%60%

Бонусы в войне Асов

Урон войск против Асов Стихии пламени1%1%1.2%1.4%1.4%1.6%2%2.4%3.2%4%


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