Eli the Witting

An inquiring mind helped Eli become a brilliant scientist, and his strong character made him a great leader. He joined the Cardinals at the first opportunity and was soon head of the Twilight Chamber. Now, state rulers are prepared to pay any price for his guidance.

СтихияThe Twilight Chamber

LevelGoldRequirementsБлагословениеRestore game progressHero's ExperiencePower
17.75KConclave of Cardinals 61ч 0м 0с2д 2ч 0м 0с9.7K720K
2240KConclave of Cardinals 71ч 0м 0с2д 2ч 0м 0с305K22.5M
3490KConclave of Cardinals 81ч 0м 0с2д 2ч 0м 0с615K45.5M
4785KConclave of Cardinals 91ч 0м 0с2д 0ч 36м 40с980K72.5M
51.2MConclave of Cardinals 101ч 0м 0с2д 0ч 36м 40с1.5M110M
61.75MConclave of Cardinals 121ч 0м 0с1д 23ч 13м 20с2.2M160M
72.55MConclave of Cardinals 131ч 0м 0с1д 21ч 50м 0с3.2M240M
83.75MConclave of Cardinals 141ч 0м 0с1д 19ч 3м 20с4.7M350M
95.45MConclave of Cardinals 151ч 0м 0с1д 16ч 16м 40с6.8M505M
107.75MConclave of Cardinals 161ч 0м 0с1д 12ч 6м 40с9.7M720M
 23.97M   30.01M2.23B

Временные бонусы от благословения Аса

Marching Speed1%2.5%4%6%8.5%12%17%24.5%35.5%50%
Scout Offense1%2.5%4%6%8.5%12%17%24.5%35.5%50%
Siege Offense1%2.5%4%6%8.5%12%17%24.5%35.5%50%

Постоянные бонусы от покровительства Аса

Siege Health1%2.5%4%6%8.5%12%17%24.5%35.5%50%

Бонусы в войне Асов

Урон войск против Асов Стихии пламени1%1.2%1.4%1.6%2%2.4%3%4%5.2%7%


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